Smart Door Lock Wifi Biometric Fingerprint Touch Password Digital Keyless Keypad

Smart Door Lock Wifi Biometric Fingerprint Touch Password Digital Keyless Keypad

Smart Door Lock Wifi Biometric Fingerprint Touch Password Digital Keyless Keypad
Multiple unlocking methods: This 7-in-1 smart door lock can be unlocked by Tuya WIFI remote control, fingerprint, anti-peep digital password, IC card, Tuya application, temporary password, and mechanical key. Front door lock with short response time, security and convenience are essential for a smart home. Smart door lock: This keyless entry door lock can easily manage your smart lock through the "Tuya" APP, and you can authorize multiple administrators to manage it. You can modify the volume and opening direction of the door lock and use the mechanical key and emergency power supply when the door lock is out of power. APP remote control: This keyless entry door lock allows you to view visitor records on the Tuya APP, check which visitor unlocked at what time, and improve the security level of your home. In addition, you can also remotely control the unlocking through the APP. Long battery life: 4 AAA batteries (not included) can provide 5000 openings (about 6 months).

As long as the number you enter contains the correct sequence code it will unlock. Easy to install: The fingerprint electronic door lock can be easily installed by yourself in a few minutes with just a screwdriver, no additional drilling, and no need for professional locks. Suitable for door thickness: 35-70mm.

Type: WiFi smart door lock. Lock body material: stainless steel.

Batteries: 4 AAA batteries (not included in the package). 0.3S QUICK ACCURATE IDENTIFICATION OF YOUR FINGERPRINT: you don't need to look for the key at the door when. You just need to touch your fingerprint gently to open the door. When you have a lot of things in your hand, the.

Keyless entry door lock can play its role, making it easy for you to go home. 4-IN-1 SMART DOOR LOCKS FOR FRONT DOOR: Compared with traditional locks, our digital door lock have four ways to unlock. Fingerprint, IC card (2 PCS), key (2 PCS), password. You can choose any method to open your door.

Functional lock makes your life more convenient. The lock requires 4 No. VIRTUAL PASSWORD UNLOCKING: prevent peeping to protect privacy, effective password protection, input any password. Before and after the correct password, as long as the correct password is continuously input, it can be unlocked. Can input 32 digits, including the real password.

Enter a random password before or after the correct password to protect your. WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN AND RUST PROOF: different from other door locks (most internal panels are plastic), our door.

Locks, except for the battery cover, are made of zinc alloy. It is more durable and suitable for use on the front door without. Dear customers, please carefully check the last size map in. The picture before purchasing, so as to improve your shopping pleasure.

If you have any after-sales problems, please feel free to. NICE GIFT: The smart lock is also suitable as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend, parents and friends.

It is exquisite and practical. Product name: keyless entry door lock. Fingerprint collector: semiconductor fingerprint head. Low voltage alarm: 4.7V ± 0.2V. Relative humidity: 20% - 90%.

Operating temperature: - 25 ° C70 ° C. User capacity: fingerprint/password (100 groups each). Emergency power supply: USB type-c port.

Applicable scene: indoor wooden door, office door, entrance door, apartment hotel door. 1 x keyless entry door lock. Smart & Secure Door Lock? The keyless smart lock with handle fit for 1-5/16'' 2'' (33mm-50mm)thick door. Reversible handle lock is suitable for both left-handed & right-handed.

Totally you can manage 200 of user code, built-in auto-backlit Touchpad. Ideal new home gifts for the home! Unlock Hbodier smart door lock with your fingerprint, card, passcode, backup key, security APP. Multiple fingerprints can be set through the APP, bringing you a fast & best secure recognition system.

You don't need to worry about forgetting to bring the key or smartphone. Accurate and extremely responsive unlocking response works perfectly for kids and the elder. Security with the electronic door lock is much higher than other locks, the automatic door locks could be locked automatically within 5-120s. No worries about forgetting to lock your door ever since.

Set the one-time or Customized passcode for guests, visitors, or other people. Detailed installation instructions are included with the package. Even if you don't know anything about the installation principle, just follow each step in the manual to install, and you can get a perfect smart door lock. All installation steps require no additional drills or holes, just a normal screwdriver and the tools included in the package to complete the installation. Remote Control:Works with G2 gateway to connect home Wifi network, set, change, delete codes from anywhere anytime. Share Ekey:Grant access for speci? Log Record:You can receive notifications whenever the door opens and closes, and keep tabs on who's coming and going and when. Turn on/ Turn off Passage:In the main interface of the app, select the passage mode in the settings, and the date of the passage mode can be set, and the start time and end time of the passage mode can also be set.

Silent Mode:If you have a lttle child or often enter/exit your home late at night, you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone or the door opening melody for your family or neighborhood. Did kids get home safely:Parents with latchkey kids can keep track of when they get home from school (or a late-night party). Share Temporary Codes and Ekey:You can create and share a custom code (or virtual e-key) for a houseguest, or even a last-minute visitor-no need to make physical copies of keys.

This feature is especially attractive for owners of rental properties. Time Attendance:You can check the daily attendance of all staff, who access the door by App, card or passcode. This function can be turned on or off in the setting.

Key free, Run free:You don't need to carry your keys anymore, whether you're popping out for a quick run or you're off to work for the day. How to select a smart lock for your door?

(1) gauge tt door thickness. (2) measure the length of the guide plate. (3) Measure the width of the guide plate.

Smart Door Lock Wifi Biometric Fingerprint Touch Password Digital Keyless Keypad

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