Smart Door Lock Biometric Fingerprint Digital Keypad Keyless Entry Code APP

Smart Door Lock Biometric Fingerprint Digital Keypad Keyless Entry Code APP

Smart Door Lock Biometric Fingerprint Digital Keypad Keyless Entry Code APP

2 kinds of products with different specifications. In this link, the product. The picture in the options is the product you will receive.

Smart & Secure Door Locks? The keyless smart lock with handl.

E fit for 1-5/16'' 2'' (33mm-50mm)thick door. Reversible handle lock is suitable for both left-handed & right-handed. Totally you can manage 200 of user code, built-in auto-backlit Touchpad. Deal new home gifts for the home!

Unlock Hbodier smart door lock with your fingerprint, card, passcode, backup key, security APP. Multiple fingerprints can be set through the APP, bringing you a fast & best secure recognition system. You don't worry about forgetting to bring the key/smartphone. Accurate and extremely responsive unlocking response works perfectly for kids and the elder. Security with the electronic door lock is much higher than other locks, the automatic door locks could be locked automatically within 5-120s.

No worries about forgetting to lock your door ever since. Set the one-time or Customized passcode for guests, visitors, or other people. Detailed installation instructions are included with the package. Even if you don't know anything about the installation principle, just follow each step in the manual to install, and you can get a perfect smart door lock. All installation steps require no additional drills or holes, just a normal screwdriver and the tools included in the package to complete the installation.

No hidden charges or long-term costs. > See more product details. Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination.

Please check compatibility before purchasing. Our security smart lock special design----Safety Anti-peeing Code will increase your security level- only the user can read and unlock the lock.

5 Ways to Key-Free Access To Your Home. 9.9% Read Fingerprint Identification. HBODIER groundbreaking smart lock correctly recognizes registered fingerprint up to 99% of the time when placed correctly on the scanner.

And opens your smart deadbolt in just 0.2 seconds. It's faster and safer than bring for your keys. Also, your "biometric identity" and other personal data are stored locally on the smart lock device so your personal information is never shared. HBODIER smart Keyless Lock is User Friendly for All Ages, the App lets you set permission levels for everyone in your life. Whether it's 1 Time Use Code for a express service Permanent Code for your Grandpa, Schedule Time Codes for Babysitters, Employees or your guests, you can share 150 temporary codes. It is simple and secure. Anti-peep Touch Screen Keypad Code. The keyless keypad door lock enter up to 12 digits including real code.

Ndom digits before or after your real code to protect your passcode from prying eyes. Each finger tap is accompanied by immediate feedback - a quiet "beep" and slight dimming of the pressed number, with backlit lights, convenient usage for day or night. Use IC Card to unlock. The secutriy smart lock come with 2pcs high-performance IC car.

Ds, it is compact, convenient to carry and faster to unlock, setting up IC cards in your smartphone App is extremely easy! O unlock your smart locks deadbolt in just 0.2 Seconds after contact.

The fingerprint Smart Lock features a hidden compartment for accessing the door lock with standard keys (the old fashioned way). Every lock comes with 2 keys. This not only improves security, and you don't have to worry about being locked outside under any circumstances. Low Battery Alert, Unlock in a. Power backup What do you do if the batteries inside the lock die-and you're stuck outside? Smart Lock feature external posts to which you can use a micro USB cable connected to a power bank, giving you enough juice to get the door open. Ct Your Home with 5-in-1 Smart Lock Set.

New fingerprint door lock with keypad, suitable for both left handle and right handle. Just use the L wrench (include) to remove the hex socket screw and change the direction. It comes with abundant accessories and batteries, and also with AUTO LOCK function, great smart home devices for home, apartment, hotel.

Please Note the L/R side has different install method. Please note you are setting the corret direction for toggle button(L/R). Otherwise it will be backwards. Can't use the APP or keypad to control unless insert a key(lock is stuck), please help to check: re-install after rotate the spindle by 90 degree.

A smart lock for your. (1) gauge tt door thickness. (2) measure the length of the guide plate.

(3) Measure the width of the guide plate. Storage to the cloud, security protection drip. Video doorbell with 166° wide-angle lens via APP, compatible with ios and android. With the 2-channel audio feature, you can respond in real time and speak directly to the other party. Built-in 800MAH lithium-ion high-capacity battery, normal use for more than 6 months, charging time only 1.5 hours, no need to charge frequently.

IP65-Waterproof and Easy to Install? The video doorbell is made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and has passed the ip65 test to withstand rain and snow. Ed with the "aiwit" APP, the doorbell can be easily installed, and the mounting bracket can be fixed with screws. Main control (CPU): Allwinner XR872.

Sensor (sensor): 30W GC0328 CMOS sensor. Sensor performance: support automatic white balance, automatic gain control, automatic backlight compensation. Minimum illumination: 0.8Lux/F1.4 (color mode), 0.3Lux/F1.4 (black and white mode).

28Mil high power infrared light. Night vision distance: 1 meter is the best, the longest distance is 3 meters. Press button to trigger recording.

Cloud Storage Map: 5 seconds (5 images). Battery discharge time: polymer battery sleep standby for 1 year.

WIFI connection: 2.4GHz wifi, support (802.11 b/g/n). Ding Dong: Support RF 433MHZ Ding Dong. Storage: Support cloud storage function (hardware without TF card function) 3 days free circulating cloud storage. Working voltage: polymer 803035/3.7V.

Working current: working current 219mA, deep sleep current 10WA, open infrared working current 280mA. USB charging voltage: DC 5V / 1.5A. Operating temperature (°C): Operating temperature: -10~50°C, working humidity. Doorbell button to wake up.

1 main account + 8 sharing accounts = 9 users can connect to the doorbell, only 3 users can preview the screen at a time, and only one user can talk to the doorbell at a time. Guests can make video and voice calls and make short-term video recordings. The host can know the visitor's information without opening the door.

Smart Door Lock Biometric Fingerprint Digital Keypad Keyless Entry Code APP

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