Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Remote Unlocking Keyless Electronic Door Lock

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Remote Unlocking Keyless Electronic Door Lock

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Remote Unlocking Keyless Electronic Door Lock

RAYKUBE Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock K7 Pro+ Black Smart Lock Tuya App Remote Unlocking Keyless Lock Electronic Door Lock. K7 pro+ is the latest version of K7 smart lock. Compared with K7, in terms of function, a Portuguese voice system has been added; In appearance, a larger fingerprint sensor has been made, and the fingerprint recognition speed is faster and more accurate.

Differences Between The Three Versions. Tuya Bluetooth / Fingerprint / Password / IC Card / Key Unlock.

Difference between Tuya Bluetooth version and Tuya WiFi version. Because the Wifi version needs to be connected to the smart lock, the battery consumption is faster compared to the Bluetooth version;The Tuya Bluetooth version of the K7 Pro+ has longer battery life, up to 8 months. 5 unlock methods: Tuya APP/ Fingerprint / Password / Smart Card / Key Unlock. Tuya APP Remote Control, Bluetooth connection, convenient and fast. Add Bluetooth gateway also can connect to WiFi.

Original K7 Pro+ supports Portuguese/English voice system. Support remote temporary password setting. Virtual Password Anti-peeping Unlock Supported. Mechanical keys and emergency power supply (USB) can be used when the door lock is out of power.

Compared with the Tuya Wifi version, the Tuya Bluetooth version of the K7 Pro+ has longer battery life, up to 8 months. Universal for left and right doors, suitable for 35-55mm door thickness. 24+ Sizes of Mortise Lock available. Original K7 Pro+ supports the system voice in Portuguese and English, which is easy to install.

The non original K7 Pro+version does not support Portuguese, all the original K7 Pro+ in. RAYKUBE Official Store are original.

Tuya APP/ Fingerprint / Password / Smart Card / Key Unlock. Semiconductor fingerprint technology, compared with K7, K7 Pro+ has a larger fingerprint sensor, therefore, fingerprint recognition is more accurate and fast. Press down the handle to open the door in one step without waiting. The fingerprint identification area is added with groove guiding design, which makes the hand feel more comfortable.

Tuya APP Temporary Password Remotely Unlock. Bluetooth connection; Easy to connect and save power.

When not at home, you can use the Tuya app to generate a temporary password to unlock. Encrypted Smart IC Card , Easy to Use IC Card to Unlock The Door. The smart card core is copy proof and has high security.

It is convenient for every member of the family to manage comfortably. If the card is lost, it can be deleted and invalidated. Normally Open Mode, Setting More Convenient To Open The Door Frequently.

Open the normally open mode, the door is unlocked, and the handle can be pressed directly to open the door without fingerprint password. Free Handle Design , Prevents Violent Unlock.

Prevent malicious pressing on the handle, damage the internal structure and prolong the service life of the motor. Every time the fingerprint is unlocked, the chip will continuously reduce the rejection rate and improve the pass rate through fingerprint splicing, image recognition, and self-learning algorithms.

Anti-peep virtual password, enter it casually, as long as one of them is correct. No Fear Of Small Black Box, To Prevent Electromagnetic Attack. It has the opening ability of anti magnetic and electric field technology to prevent Tesla coil from unlocking and effectively improve the safety of locks.

Multiple Anti Test , Opening Alarm , Continuous Input Error, Automatic Locking. Multiple anti trial opening alarm, continuous wrong operation of password/fingerprint/ card, and the system will lock automatically. Use 4pcs AAA 1.5V Battery.

Please use the not rechargeable Alkalin battery. (battery not include in the package). Not Afraid Of No Electricity;USB + Key Double Support.

If the fingerprint lock has no power, it can be unlocked with mobile power supply or mechanical key. System: Tuya Bluetooth 4.0. Unlock modes: Tuya APP / Fingerprint / Password / Smart card / Key. Fingerprint read: FPC Sensor (Semiconductor Sensor). Color: Black / Red Bronze. Chip Type: Dual Core Driver. Working power: 4 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not include). Operating temperature: -20 to 55 Centigrade. Password function: support virtual password. Suit for the door thickness about 35-55mm. How to select the correct mortise lock size. We have over 24 different mortise lock size for choose, so please measure the old lock size follow this picture that you would know which size suit for your door. (once you select the correct size, you will very easy to replace the old lock). This lock suit for the door thickness 35-55mm door thickness. Please measure your old mortise lock size, and check our all options different mortise lock size which one suit for your door.

That will more easy replacement. Mortise lock x 1(options).

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Remote Unlocking Keyless Electronic Door Lock

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